3 Lesson’s Authors Can Learn From Podcasters

Image (7)One of my many blessings is that I get bored very very quickly, now some people say that is bad thing because you need to stay focused. As a creative person I see it as a blessing because it gives me the opportunity to learn new skills and opens up the doors to other areas I wouldn’t normally cross over into. And one of those areas has been podcasting.

I really love podcasting it gives me the opportunity to meet lots of new people, experience some fabulous insights not to mention it has taught me some incredible skills that I believe authors really need to take advantage of.

I believe the top three skills that every author can learn from podcasting are the following

  1. how to set up a standalone page
  2. how to create opt ins on every standalone page you create
  3. how to bundle and drop.

    So let’s explore what some of these skills.

    1 -The stand alone page
    One thing that podcaster always use is what is called a show notes page. The show notes page is a single page which discusses the guest, the topic and why people would find the interview interesting. In my mind this is one thing that authors could use very very simply and create incredibly quickly for each and every book that they write. For podcasters this page then connects people visiting their site to their podcast. For authors a stand alone book page could readers to your sales page be it on Amazon nook or smash words.

    2- The opt in
    The other thing you will notice on podcast show notes pages is that they always have some sort of opt in gift or opportunity to capture email addresses from listeners. Now I’m not saying that you need to have a different gift, freebie or report to offer each time you put up a new page, show notes page or book page, you can use the same offer as long as it appears on every page you create.

    One of the biggest mistakes authors make is they do not gather information about their readers. They forget to create a data base of their raving fans at their own detriment. Every business person knows that the money of your business is in the list. This is also true for authors. If you can build a fabulous subscriber list each time you publish a new book you will have automatic sales right off your list without doing any marketing before hand. That is one lesson that you can add to your bottom line with each book you publish.

    3- Bundle and drop
    In podcasting they have this little trick about dropping many episodes at once when they launch their podcast. What this does is give listeners access to more than just one show and allows podcasters to keep their listeners busy and interested until the next load of shows is dropped into the podcast funnel. For authors this can be done by learning how to create a series of books instead of one book at a time.

    This is something I teach all of my new clients. Why have one book when you can have four.

    Let me explain; when you sit down to write a series for Kindle you can create four books at once. No matter if you are writing for fiction or nonfiction thinking about writing a Kindle series will multiply your bottom one again and again. It will also increase your readership four fold.

    To do this is very simple for fiction writers break your novel or story up into three short stories. Or us each Kindle book as one scene in your story. Then you drop all three into your Kindle funnel straightaway including a fourth book which is book one book, book 2 and book 3 put together as a single book. Title complete series and you’ll be surprised how many people will end up going and buying the bundle book which will give you a lot more royalties.

    For non-fiction books take your three leading ideas and create a book for each of them. You can do the same thing with bundling them as long as the topics make sense to be bundled together or you can see them running together as a consecutive logical series. If not just leave the three books as is but drop them into your kindle funnel all at the same time.

    As I said I am blessed to get bored easily because it certainly has expanded my skills, opened my eyes and given me many resources to leverage as a writer and an author.

If you would like to explore any of these three points further in a coaching session then don’t forget to go ahead and book your fire starter a session. Togther we can look at one of these points or explore all three of them and how they relate to you, your book, your book marketing, your launch and your pre-launch plans.

Remember your story matters so keep on writing to your success Leeza.

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