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IMG_3497I joined Leeza’s writing class because I couldn’t let the idea to write my book linger any longer. It had to be written. She gave me a simple process, tools and deadlines that were necessary and perfect for me to see “Journals Have Feelings Too” through to completion. Leeza’s no-nonsense, simple approach to book writing, along with her business expertise and coaching skills nurtured my confidence and inspired me to take action. The group energy was fun, kept me accountable and was just plain awesome! I recommend this program to anyone who has been putting off writing their book or expressing who they are to the world. I encourage you to come out of hiding and bravely take this next step on your path with Leeza. –
Carrie Leigh Sandoval
www.carrieleighsandoval.com –

I’ve never written a book before or knew how to start, this program made it easy.

MeI have to admit I was very fearful of what to expect on my first day of class; but Leeza was very helpful in directing me on the right path of putting my ideas on paper. Each class was invigorating because we would get feed back on our chapters and when we asked questions we would get direct answers.  I have to say Leeza is very knowledgeable on how to get your book published. She helped me to stay on track to accomplish each week’s assignments.  If she saw I had more to offer she was there to give me insight on how to magnify it into my story. I definitely would recommend this program to anyone who is thinking of writing a book and doesn’t know where to start. The class will give you much information to start you on a wonderful journey.
– Lydia Hock

 I Can Not Recommend Leeza Robertson Enough!

AmyProHeadShotI’m so grateful for having the opportunity to be part of Leeza’s book writing program. The experience of putting my story on paper was one I didn’t think was possible. And, although she didn’t cut me much slack, I am so glad she didn’t. Under her tutelage, I realized I was in my own way. Once I stripped away the “technicality” and replaced it with my “creative voice” throughout the pages, everything flowed.

Providing fellow healing arts practitioners a grass roots view of how they can achieve their dreams of having their own thriving practice has been a dream come true. People from all over the country who’ve purchased the book email me and thank me for sharing my story.

I highly recommend working with Leeza. It will change your life in many wonderful ways.
– Amy Barilla a.k.a The Reiki Gal


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