Reviews = Book Sales


photo (33)If you wish to walk the path of the author you are going to have to get comfortable with asking people for their opinion. Like it or not reviews sell books and they do it in two very distinct ways. But they are not the only opinions that matter you are also going to need endorsements as well. So what’s the difference?

Most people don’t really understand what the difference is between a review and an endorsement as they seem like the same thing and in some ways they are and in most ways they are not. A review is a comment or opinion about the content of your book, sometimes they are good and sometimes they are not. You don’t really have a lot of control over your reviews. Which is one of the reasons organizing a review circle for your each of your book launches is so important. But more on that later.

An endorsement is a sales pitch for the book itself and they are always good as you have 100% complete control over an endorsement. Which makes you wonder why more authors don’t use them as often as they really should. I have been guilty of this myself. I have underestimated the power of endorsements which is why I am making sure you don’t. Unlike a review which is often unsolicited, an endorsement is asked for or requested. This is the real power of an endorsement as you are asking someone to put their name next to your work.

How many of you have picked up a book because someone you respected wrote the forward? This is an endorsement but in a larger format. Think of it as hitching your star to someone elses wagon for a little while. Now you do not want to abuse this sort of aligned energy, instead be honored to have it and be the best version of yourself you can be. You never want the person endorsing you to regret sticking their neck out for you.

Review circles are something I always get my clients to create. This simple yet effective strategy will boost your rankings on Amazon faster then just about anything else. The best part is you can have all your friends and family involved in this process, well that is if you want them to be leaving a comment on your sales page!

To create a review circle is very simple. Ask 10-15 people you trust and ask them to post a review for your book on the day of your official book launch. This means that the moment your book is open for business your Amazon sales page will already have raving reviews on it.

Reviews = Sales. It is a simple formula.

Now you do want to make sure the reviews are written about the book itself and its content which means these people really do need to read your book first. I always ask my inner circle to read my books before I send them to my editor to give it one last look over. This means they do a little proof reading as well as write the review. This way they have read the book and have time to write their review before they post it on the day of the launch.

Not long after your launch you will start to get organic reviews from people who actually bought your book. Take note of what they have to say as they will let you know what is working in your content and what is not. These organic reviews will also tell you what they would like to see more of. This is golden as now you have ideas for your next book!

As I said it is super simple.

So now you have the skinny on reviews and endorsements and you can see how each play their own part in your marketing campaign. Make a plan for both and use them to your advantage. Sure you can’t help the odd bad review, but you can stack the odds in your favor and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.


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