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Your Big business Card

I wish I was the brain child of the title to this post, but unfortunately I am not. I’m not even the first person to write on this or offer it up as a piece of crazy genius but good ideas are worth repeating so that is exactly what I am going to do in today’s post.

Donna Kozik is the founder of MyBigBusinessCard.com and today’s article of choice. Donna has been working with business owners and new and aspiring authors for a long time; this woman is a true expert in the book writing world and someone to take notice of. So much so she will be kicking off my teleseminar series in January, you will have to come back and check out the dates before the end of the year.

For now enjoy today’s feature article and I shall see you on the next post!

Book Writing & Marketing: 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Business with a Book – By Donna Kozik

Speakers, consultants and business owners can waste thousands of dollars marketing themselves with brochures, websites and Power Point presentations. But there’s a better–and more cost-effective way–to market yourself and your business: write a book.

In fact, many business people have found that their book has become, in effect, a “big business card.” A well-written book can set a professional tone before you enter the room and speaks well of you after you leave.

How Writing & Publishing a Book Can Skyrocket Your Business

What specific benefits will your book provide to your business?

1. Instant credibility. No matter what business you are in–real estate, insurance, finance, consulting, medicine, marketing, public speaking, the list goes on and on–a book establishes you as an expert. Writing and publishing a book can gain you more credibility than just about anything else.

Your book not only makes you the expert; it makes you stand out from your competition. After all, how many of your competitors have written a book? Bets are not that many. And turn that around and think about the most respected leaders of your industry. Chances are most, if not all, of them can call themselves “author,” too. Wouldn’t you like to be among them?

2. Relationship building. A second benefit in writing a book is that it helps you establish a relationship with your customer. Why is that important? A successful business is all about building relationships, so it should be a primary goal for any business owner. Your book helps you to build those relationships by revealing more about yourself. After all, you can’t really take every prospect to Starbucks and have a one-on-one conversation, but, through the pages of your book, you can make them feel like that’s exactly what you did. And when they feel that connection, they will contact you for to talk more about your products and services.

3. Your book, if done well, can kick your marketing–and your business–into high gear.

There are statistics to back this claim up. RainToday, an online site for business owners, did a study to see if publishing a book actually improved a business owner’s image, public relations and, most importantly, revenue. In the study, 200 business owners who were also authors were asked a series of questions for some interesting–and lucrative–results.

One of the first findings was that 4 out of 5 of the business owners/authors asked said that publishing a book improved their brand. In other words, it helped them make a name for themselves and their company. It got them noticed. Next, 3 out of 4 of the business owner/authors surveyed said their books had gotten them more public speaking engagements. (By the way, books are a great marketing tool for speakers to sell at the back of the room at events, which helps generate even more revenue and give opportunity to interact with customers.) Finally, more than half of business authors said that publishing a book allowed them to charge more for their product or service. So, by writing a book, they were making more money. It doesn’t get better than that.

Plus, there’s a bonus reason to how a book can grow your business and make you money: multiple avenues of income. After you write a book, the hard part is done. You’ve done the research, interpreted it in your own voice and put it all together in an understandable fashion. Now you can take some of that same information and create more products–products that will make you more money than what you will get from people buying your book. Some successful information products that have been developed from books include audio seminars, newsletters and workshops.

Establishing expertise, building relationships, generating revenue–these are just some of the reasons to pursue writing and publishing a book, your big business card, today!

Donna Kozik, founder of MyBigBusinessCard.com, is a book writing & publishing consultant who shows business owners how to write their book quickly and easily to create a no-fail marketing tool. Find out what mistakes to avoid and how close you are to publishing success with a Free Special Report & Quiz at http://www.MyBigBusinessCard.com

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