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99cents the new free

My clients think I’m crazy!

But that’s okay.

They think I am crazy because I tell all of them never give away a book as a free opt-in offer. I tell them don’t give it away when you could be putting it on Amazon and making money instead.

Obviously there is a little more to it than that so let’s run through why maybe I am not as crazy as my clients initially think I am.

You see people just aren’t opting into lists the way they used to. People know if they get your free book or your free video or your free audio that you’re going to bombard them with information they probably don’t want. However they will buy your book on Amazon.

Think about that for a minute.

Your potential clients and customers would rather get a feel for you and your message first then give you their email address. That means consumers now believe that their email is more valuable than 99cents or two bucks they will spend on Kindle. This is what you call an informed audience.

Let’s face it who can blame them, I mean seriously how often are you personally giving out your email address? I know I am not, I guard it. Everywhere you go these days’ people want you to give them your email address, even when you buy a pair of shoes they want your email address. Sure they say they want to send you coupons, but the truth is everybody knows that email addresses are valuable.

So what does this mean for your writing and your list?

It means don’t waste good information as an opt-in because 99 cents just became the new free and kindle just became your new opt-in page!

This has huge implications for you, your business and your writing. It is also exciting to know that you can now build a money making list building funnel on the world’s largest market place.

My next post will give you great tips on how to create these amazing lead generation books and show you how they will change the way you deliver your content and your message to your clients and potential clients. So stay tuned!

Keep writing, keep creating and remember your story matters.

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