What’s Stopping You?

photo (2)In previous posts I have talked about the importance of setting dates, what sort of dates to set and shared with you the importance of sticking with them.

So i want to know, did you commit?

Did you get a big red marker and circle the dates on your calendar?

If you did, congratulations and I hope you are tracking your writing progress every single day to make sure you make your commitment dates.

If you did not, we need to talk.

You see, if you did not do this task you have some healing to do around your writing. There is a bigger reason you did not make the commitment, in fact I am betting there are probably several.

So lets dig deeper,

Usually when people say they want to be a writer but don’t commit to the writing process they have some real deep issues around how they see themselves as a writer. I totally get!

I was always told I should not write, that I would be better off leaving the writing stuff to people who knew how to writer better, spell and know what grammar actually is.

This totally did a number on my confidence and stopped me from writing for years.

Then I met an editor who told me not to listen to the bullshit and get my head out of my ass and write.

So I did.

2 bestsellers later, I think i might actually be ok at this writing stuff after all.

Now it is time to identify the bullshit that’s stopping you and the best way I know how to do that is to write it all down.

All of it.

Every single time your writing was criticized, every time someone told you your writing was not good enough and every time you trashed yourself based on other peoples expectations.

Get it out and put it on paper.

Now let the healing begin, forgive it, forgive it all. Do what works best for. Prayer, EFT,  hypnosis, affirmation work or Ho’opono’ono. Just pick the forgiveness tool that works for you and heal.

Keep going until you can finally commit and get your dates on the calendar. Remember your story matters and people are waiting to read it.

Blessing Leeza

P.S. You can always book a single coaching session to assist this healing process, click here and book today.

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